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This giant knit blanket is handmade using arm knitting technique. We use soft and fluffy pure 100% Merino wool OEKO-TEX certified. Please note that this blanket is made out of carded wool (unspun merino wool). 

It will look amazing in your interior if it is used as a chunky knit throw on your bed or couch. It will give your bedroom elegant look if used as a runner for your bed end and it will leave an unforgettable impression to your guests as an outstanding accent of your living area. It may shed a bit but this will reduce over time as the fibers bond together, especially if you keep it nicely draped across the foot of your bed.

  • Size: 120 x 150cm (45” x 60” inches)

  • Colour: Warm white

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It is made of pure 100% Merino Wool. Merino Wool's success is in its fine fibres and unique softness. Merino Wool provides excellent temperature regulation and does not irritate skin. It is also hypoallergenic.

Dry clean only. You can find more answers about how to take proper care of your blanket in FAQ section. There are plenty of instructions around internet how to clean Merino wool but please consider before taking a risk.

PLEASE NOTE:Your blanket was packed tight to prevent damage during transportation. As a result, the wool requires a few good shakes and about 15 hours stretched out outside of the package to regain its original shape and pattern.

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Our 100% Merino Chunky knit blankets are handmade in Lithuania using arm knitting technique. We use soft and fluffy OEKO-TEX certified pure 100% Merino wool from Eastern Europe and New-Zealand.

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